Valve & Instrument Control

Valve & Instrument Control

The Valve and Instrument Control industry requires innovative suppliers able to design, develop, test and manufacture components that can withstand extreme temperatures and handle exposure to corrosive media. These components must also meet the demands inherent with a high life cycle so they can reliably protect sensitive equipment and products. As a supplier, Senior Flexonics has earned their customer’s trust by fulfilling and exceeding their requirements for decades.


Products we have engineered and developed with our customers include bellows that provide high-pressure resistance and a maximum “leak containment” seal to prevent emissions or fluid leakage at valve stem interfaces. Other products we have custom designed for a wide variety of applications include vacuum; packless construction for control, gate, globe and pressure relief valves; pressure and thermostatic motors; aneroid assemblies; remote transmission; expansion joints; and flexible torque couplings. All valve and instrument control products undergo the highest level of testing and quality control to ensure that our customers systems will always perform under demanding conditions.


  • Flexible Torque Couplings
  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Pressure Motors
  • Thermostatic Motors
  • Aneroid Assemblies
  • Remote Transmission


  • Bellows & Seals
  • Bellows Assemblies
  • Valve Stem Bellows Assemblies