Coaxial Coolers

Co-axial Coolers

Passenger Car, Off Highway <56kW

Originally designed for smaller European diesel engines, coaxial coolers have evolved over the past decade into an excellent option for larger power plants as well. These systems enhance cooling performance by pre-cooling the inlet side of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Cooler, which in-turn places less strain on the EGR system. The advantages of co-axial coolers are numerous as they are compact and inexpensive to manufacture and package. Co-axial coolers are compact because they can be Engineered to fit in the space of the existing EGR tube and bellow. Senior Flexonics’ Engineers can design a retrofit solution utilizing the existing engine space constraints or as a complete thermal management system. A complete Engineered system consisting of a co-axial cooler and EGR cooler can also present an opportunity for cost savings as the more expensive EGR cooler component may be reduced in size.


Co-axial Cooler Features:

  • Cost effective pre-cooler option
  • Ideal for intermediate / additional cooling
  • High thermal compliance
  • Fully routable design
  • Low fouling
  • Indents maintain significant outer coolant tube and inner gas tube concentricity
  • Coolant provides significant damping along entire cooled length
  • Flexibility of inner gas and outer coolant tube reduce engine assembly stresses


  • Automotive
  • Diesel


  • Pre cooling of EGR coolers
  • Intermediate / additional cooling of Diesel exhaust systems