Renewable Energy

Fuel Cells and Solar Energy

The Renewable Energy market demands that suppliers provide competitive, quality components worldwide. Our renewable energy customers have looked to Senior Flexonics to fulfill their needs and requirements. For many years, Senior Flexonics has worked closely with these manufacturers in the renewable energy market to develop customized fuel cell and solar components that meet or exceed the many concerns related to elevated operating temperatures and high volume production.

Solar power reflectors line the desert in a renewable energy plant

Solar power reflectors line the desert in a renewable energy plant

Senior Flexonics staff has met our renewable energy manufacturer’s challenges by developing innovative components and assemblies that will solve these challenges. Senior Flexonics` experience with high-temperature alloys, welding, brazing and component assembly allows Senior Flexonics to design and manufacture products such as custom heat exchangers, flexible metal tubing and hoses, and recuperators that meet the strictest industry requirements. All renewable energy products undergo the highest level of testing and quality control to ensure that our customers systems perform under severe conditions.

Senior Flexonics’ advanced technology gives us the advantage of providing competitive, quality components and assemblies. Senior Flexonics is committed to developing renewable energy products through our experienced staff, advanced engineering and state of the art technology and testing, Senior Flexonics has developed manufacturing techniques so that all of our products are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the strictest renewable energy industry standards so as to fulfill our customers various application requirements world-wide.


  • Fuel Cells
  • Solar Energy
  • Micro Turbines


  • Custom Heat Exchangers
  • Flexible Metal Tubing & Hose
  • Recuperators