Semi Conductor


The Semiconductor industry continues to grow as we increasingly rely on microprocessors, sensors and actuators to process information quicker and collect inputs from the environment around us. Senior Flexonics understands that the components we manufacture for this technology based industry must be exact, have a high cycle life as well as a vacuum interface.
For decades, our engineers have consistently met these challenges by working closely with the leading manufacturers in the semiconductor industry to develop these customized components. The range of products we have manufactured includes bellows, connectors, tubing, hoses and valve stem assemblies. All products for our semiconductor customers are produced in the cleanest manufacturing facilities and undergo the highest level of testing to ensure that we meet or exceed their expectations.

Senior Flexonics’ advanced manufacturing technology and ability to innovate creates an inherent advantage by providing competitive, quality components and assemblies. Senior Flexonics is committed to developing future semiconductor products through our experienced staff, advanced engineering and state of the art technology and testing.


  • Manufacturers of semiconductor equipment.


  • Bellows Assemblies Connectors
  • Flexible Tubing & Hose
  • Valve Stem Bellows Assemblies