EGR Tube Assemblies

EGR Tubes & Flexible Joints

Senior Flexonics Engineers and manufactures exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolant (drain/feed) pipes for the world’s leading brands of diesel trucks and automobiles. We understand material characteristics and their inherent benefits because our prototyping facilities have completed and proven hundreds of similar projects. Matched with decades of field data and applied experience we can assist you with your next product. Senior Flexonics is also experienced with the design and manufacture of complex systems utilizing different materials such as PTFE when greater design flexibility is required.

Senior Flexonics’ advanced production facilities are equipped with all necessary manufacturing cells to produce and assemble a complete EGR tube assembly. From bulk raw materials through to available clean room packaging in quality controlled environments we have the comprehensive expertise to deliver your next large production run of OEM parts.


Turbo Coolant tubing with PTFE Technology Features:

  • Easy fitment to engine due to flexibility & excellent for short length applications
  • Good resistance to high pressures >690bar
  • Excellent 1st Natural frequency Characteristics – typically >450Hz
  • PTFE is chemically inert and as such has the highest chemical resistance of all known plastic materials
  • Suitable for use in extreme temperatures (-100oC to max. 260oC)
  • PTFE has a very low coefficient of friction (between 0.05 to 0.09), the result of this is a very low pressure drop
  • The non-stick properties of PTFE give good cleanliness capability
  • Superior Flex Properties

Stainless Steel Braiding Advantages:

  • Provides a protective covering to PTFE
  • Improves burst pressure
  • Reduces the possibility of kinking and rippling
  • Improves Tensile Strength


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