Land Vehicles

Land Vehicles – More than just cars.

Buses, tanks and tractors, our land vehicle customers span the globe and each have needs and requirements that are unique. Senior Flexonics has worked closely with these customers to develop high quality, innovative bellow & seals, common rail, fuel-pressure damper tube assemblies, and diesel injection lines, decouplers and underbody exhaust connectors.

Our land vehicle products are engineered specifically to fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers. These vehicle systems must withstand harsh operating environments such as severe temperatures, corrosive elements, noise, and vibration.

Through our advanced engineering and state of the art testing, Senior Flexonics has developed land vehicle products that offer economic solutions to mandated emissions regulations world-wide.


  • Exhaust Systems
  • Fuel Injection Systems


  • Bellows & Seals
  • Micro Bellows
  • Common Rail
  • EGR Coolers
  • External EGR Systems
  • Fuel Pressure Damper Tube Assembly
  • High Pressure Diesel Injection Lines
  • Self Supporting Decoupler (Load Bearing)
  • Underbody Exhaust Connector (Non Load Bearing)