Fin-and-Tube Coolers

Fin and Tube Coolers

Fin and Tube style coolers allow performance to be tuned to customer specifications. They are well suited for light duty engine applications and offer excellent performance under stabilized fouling.

Refrigerant channels designed for even distribution of 2 phase coolant. Designed to prevent the mixing of refrigerant and exhaust even after failure.


Fin and Tube Cooler Features:

  • High thermal compliance
  • Fully routable design
  • Low fouling
  • Indents maintain significant outer coolant tube and inner gas tube concentricity
  • Coolant provides significant damping along entire cooled length
  • Flexibility of inner gas and outer coolant tube reduce engine assembly stresses


  • Automotive
  • Diesel


  • Pre cooling of EGR coolers
  • Intermediate / additional cooling of Diesel exhaust systems