EGR Coolers & Heat Exchangers

EGR Coolers & Heat Exchangers

Senior Flexonics is a leader in EGR Cooler design and manufacture with design centers in North America, Europe and Asia. We serve the on / off Highway diesel markets with manufacturing centers in USA and Mexico.Shell_and_tube_EGR_Coolers

We offer EGR Coolers for the following markets:

  • Heavy Duty Diesel
  • Medium Duty Diesel
  • Light Duty Diesel

Products include Tube and Shell, Tube and Fin, Plate and our unique Co-Axial EGR Cooler.

Senior Flexonics’ EGR Cooler designs are helping global OEMs meet their challenging performance and reliability goals.

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  • Automotive
  • Diesel
  • Natural Gas


  • Pre cooling of EGR coolers
  • Intermediate / additional cooling of Diesel exhaust systems

Publications/case studies featuring our EGR Coolers:

Strength through flexibility – Engine Technology International Sept 2012
Alternative Power Needs – Engine Technology International  June 2013