Lean Production


Our pursuit of a Lean enterprise starts with leadership engagement and support. Our experienced team at Senior Flexonics applies the tools from the Toyota Production System to improve our key performance indicators and to develop the correct behaviors of all the associates. With a skilled workforce and strong toolbox, we are able to focus on delivering the highest value to our customers so they can compete better in the global marketplace.


To improve our operational performance, we facilitate Kaizen workshops including Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Kanban and Standardized Work. These events transfer knowledge to all associates in the business to continually “think and act” differently to always find ways to improve our Safety, Quality, Delivery, Inventory, and Productivity. As more associates continue to learn the Lean methodology, many more improvements are made without formal Kaizen workshops.

Lean ties directly to our commitment to our ISO/TS quality system by continually striving to satisfy our customers and this is a not only a priority, but also a never ending process to please our customers.

Overall, Senior Flexonics has started the Lean journey and understands this journey will never end. We use Lean tools and behaviors to address the Voice of the Employee, Voice of the Customer, and the Voice of the Business. In doing so, Lean becomes the holistic system to drive exceptional performance through extraordinary people and repeatable processes.