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Dr. Van Braun at Flexonics Saturn 5

Saturn 5 Rocket

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World-Wide Locations

Senior PLC is an international, market-leading, engineering solutions provider with 33 operations in 14 countries. Senior designs, manufactures and markets high-technology components and systems for the principal original equipment producers in the worldwide aerospace, defence, land vehicle and energy markets. The Senior PLC group is split into two divisions, Aerospace and Flexonics.


1. AMT 2. Absolute 3. SSP 4. Capo 5. Ketema 6. Jet 7. Saltillo 8. Pathway 9. Composites 10. Sao Paulo 11. Bartlett 12. Sterling 13. Canada 14. Metal Bellows 15. Crumlin 16. Bird 17. Hargreaves 18. BWT 19. Calorstat 20. Ermeto 21. Bosman 23. Kassel 24. Olomouc 25. Cape Town 26. New Delhi 27. Damar 28.Weston 29.Taiwan 30.Wuhan 31. Tokyo

Where you need us to be.

The Senior Flexonics division serves markets with products for land vehicle emission control and industrial process control applications.

As the largest manufacturer of flexible automotive components in the world, with a major focus on diesel engines, Senior Flexonics has extensive manufacturing and distribution facilities on six continents.

Senior’s diesel technologies support a growing number of major North American and European automotive and heavy truck manufacturers in meeting stringent emissions standards.

Land Vehicle Emission Control

  • Exhaust gas recycling coolers
  • Fuel mixing and distribution systems
  • Flexible couplings

Industrial Process Control

  • Engineered expansion joints, dampers and diverters
  • Flexible hose assemblies and control bellows
  • Fuel cells and heat exchangers