Complex Assemblies

Complex Assemblies

Welding of Assemblies

Senior Flexonics has many advanced robotic manufacturing cells that can be programmed for large production runs. We also have highly skilled and sought after people that are able to weld more specialized or complex systems. This experience and knowledge is also great advantage at the Engineering and prototyping stage as one off designs are developed.

Brazing of Assemblies

These metal bellow assemblies are manufactured by furnace brazing all pieces simultaneously. We are able to join materials of the same composition or dissimilar materials.Brazed_Assemblies_by_Senior_Flexonics

Senior Flexonics has seven furnaces at our Bartlett location and provides brazed welded assemblies using many different materials including: beryllium copper, brass, stainless steel and monel. Material is selected based upon the application and we leverage our extensive experience and data from our testing facilities to help you with your specific application.

Ceramic to Metal Joining

Senior Flexonics has the ability to join many dissimilar materials including the unique ability to hermetically join precision machined ceramics to Inconel.

  • Thin-wall Inconel Brazed to High Purity Alumina Ceramic
  • Precision Machined Ceramics in Cylindrical Geometries
  • Use of Both Nickel and Precious Metal Based Braze Alloys
  • Hermetically Sealed Braze Joints
  • Vacuum Furnace Brazing Application
  • High Volume Production Capabilities



  • EGR Cooler Bellows
  • Exhaust Connectors
  • Fuel Nozzle Bellows
  • Locomotive Bellows
  • Micro Bellows to Large Bellows

Publications/case studies featuring our bellows:

PDFMicro Bellow Solutions – Engine Technology International June 2012
PDFHot Property – IVT International – Off Highway 2013