Power Generation

Power Generation

Power Generation industries utilizing land-based turbines, micro-turbines, fuel cells, solar and vacuum/semiconductors require a solid supplier partnership built on a foundation of trust and innovation. A supplier must be ethical and protect their customer`s IP from world-wide competition and provide the innovation that will enable their customers to bring their ideas to market first at a competitive price. Senior Flexonics has worked closely with the leaders in this industry and have their trust with our ongoing commitment to customer loyalty for over 100 years.

As with any new technology, one major challenge is determining how to fabricate these advanced designs at a competitive cost. To achieve this goal, Senior Flexonics’ has experience using a range of high-temperature alloys matched with years of experience building assemblies that require forming, welding, brazing, soldering, bending and / or machining. Materials we have used include brass, bronze, beryllium copper, 300 series stainless steel, titanium, monel®, inconel®, hastelloy®, and other nickel alloys. This is an advantage for our customers as it provides them with a head start procuring a high volume of quality components at a cost effective price. For our power generation customers, we manufacture custom heat exchangers, flexible metal tubing and hose, fuel nozzle bellows and recuperators.

All our energy and power generation products undergo the highest levels of testing from the development phase through production to ensure that our customer`s components consistently perform under severe conditions.


  • Fuel Tubes
  • Fuel Cells
  • Land-Based Turbines
  • Micro-Turbines
  • Solar Semiconductors


  • Custom Heat Exchangers
  • Flexible Metal Tubing & Hose
  • Fuel Nozzle Bellows
  • Recuperators