Vacuum Capacitors and Interrupters

Vacuum Capacitors and Interrupters

Senior Flexonics designs and manufactures custom metal bellows for Vacuum Capacitors and Interrupters.


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Panel Manufacturing
  • Photovoltaic Panel Manufacturing
  • Broadcasting Communications Equipment
  • Medical Devices such a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment


  • Vacuum Capacitors
  • Vacuum Interrupter/Breaker

Vacuum Capacitors

Vacuum Capacitors are used in high voltage applications. This variable capacitor is used for many purposes that require tuning such as a matching network in the fabrication of semiconductor chips and flat panel displays. This unique design uses a high vacuum as its dielectric instead of air or non-conductive materials.

Some of the most common applications are antenna coupling, semiconductor wafer fabrication, RF matching circuits, Pulse shaping circuits, Power amplifier tank circuits, and for Non-magnetic circuits for MRI.

Vacuum Interrupter/Breaker

The vacuum Interrupter/Breaker acts as a switch with its contacts in a high vacuum. When the electrical contacts are separated it creates a vapor arc, which is quickly extinguished. Some typical applications for vacuum interrupters include: medium and high voltage circuit breakers, load switching, power transmission, power-distribution, industrial plants, and arc furnace applications. Vacuum Breakers are now being increasingly utilized at transmission class voltages. The vacuum interrupters in these breakers require considerably longer strokes i.e. open gaps as compared to those in medium voltages. Also the closing and opening speeds are higher. This requirement of longer strokes and higher velocity calls for a special design of bellows and the end components of the vacuum interrupters.

Vacuum Capacitor Bellows

Vacuum Capacitors and Interrupters

Senior Flexonics copper plated vacuum capacitor bellows are used in vacuum sealed applications, primarily for impedance matching within an electrical system or network. They are ideal for hermetically sealed applications that require high voltage & high currents. These are also well suited for handling high frequencies.

Senior Flexonics Advantage:

Senior material selection and Very High Elongation (VHE) bellows hydroforming process ensures the longest possible bellows stroke life for any given size.

Our unique copper plating process produces an industry leading consistency in plating thickness over the entire bellows, including both crests and roots. This leads to higher reliability and also helps promote longer average bellows life.

Masking of the copper plating on terminating ends of the bellows is also possible.

Mating fittings can be brazed and leak tested on-site.

Key Benefits

  • Long Life, High Reliability
  • Smaller package size and lower weight
  • High Voltage Ratings
  • High-Speed Tuning
  • High Altitude Operation