Meeting all Diesel Market challenges while still competing globally.

To ensure our customer’s success we align our Engineering resources with their organization throughout all phases of the product’s development and testing to bring new solutions to market. We also unite both organizations by offering production flexibility, which not only matches the production runs’ size, but also times these shipments to match their JIT assembly schedules. Our customer’s require a trustworthy supplier and together we know we can accomplish anything.  This customer focused approach has allowed Senior Flexonics to become one of the foremost suppliers to many well-known diesel engine brands – large and small.

Senior Flexonics manufactures critical components for diesel fluid and exhaust systems.

Some of the innovative products we manufacture for our diesel engine customers include: bellows assemblies, common rail, exhaust connectors, EGR coolers, heavy duty thermal expansion joints, high-pressure injection lines, large engine manifold systems, turbo oil drain tubes and turbocharger feed tubes. We are also able to produce additional components and assemblies because we maintain resources and state-of-the-art testing facilities.

Diesel engine manufacturers are challenged to compete on a global scale while meeting the strict emission regulations found in each of the countries in which they sell their products. At the same time, these companies are also tasked with continually delivering better fuel efficiency and increased durability.
These diesel engines are placed in a wide range of unique equipment that is highly visible by the end user and are used in the toughest environments known to man. Maintaining a brand’s reputation for quality and durability is critical. To win in this complex, demanding, and ever changing market, Senior Flexonics understands that our diesel engine customers must have a supplier that is able to deliver innovative solutions while utilizing lean manufacturing processes to meet these product and production challenges.


  • Diesel Trucks
  • Off Road Heavy Equipment
  • Generators
  • Marine Power


  • Turbocharger Oil Feed Tubes
  • Heavy Duty Thermal Expansion Joints
  • Turbo Oil Drain Tubes
  • Large Engine Diesel Manifold Systems
  • High Pressure Diesel Injection Lines
  • Heavy Duty Exhaust Connectors
  • Bellows
  • Micro Bellows
  • Common Rails
  • EGR Coolers

Have a diesel engine project?

Senior Flexonics is here to help. We have an established history working with leading diesel brands on many projects. We maintain Engineering and testing facilities to bring reliable new products to market.