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Our customers are well known leaders in the oil and gas industry and our products are trusted by them to perform in remote locations around the world. Senior Flexonics has earned this trust because we understand that our components must meet the inherent challenges of operating in these extreme conditions. For decades, our Engineers have worked closely with these customers and supported them by engineering, testing and manufacturing innovative customized components used in downhole drilling and data logging.

Downhole drilling and data logging is an extremely tough environment for metal bellows. Senior Flexonics manufactures artificial gas-lift stem bellows, seals, and assemblies designed to withstand the demands of the oil and gas industry. Our bellows offer incredible fatigue and corrosion resistance and are further designed to handle high temperatures and pressures. All oil and gas products undergo the highest level of testing and quality control to ensure that these systems always perform well under these severe conditions.


Senior Flexonics advanced technology gives us the advantage of manufacturing competitive, quality components and assemblies. Senior Flexonics is committed to developing oil and gas products through our experienced staff, advanced engineering and state of the art technology and testing. Senior Flexonics has developed manufacturing techniques so that all of our products are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the strictest industry standards to always meet our customers’ requirements world-wide.


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  • Downhole Drilling


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