High Pressure Common Rail to 3000 Bar

High Pressure Common Rail to 3000 Bar

Diesel Common Rail

Innovative Common Rail solutions that meet the demands of an energy and cost conscious world.

The demands of an energy-conscious world continue to drive advances in engine technology. Customers expect more for less and, in the case of IC engines, there is the added expectation of more from less. Increased regulation of emissions worldwide illustrates the importance of combustion engines in the global economy, and the growing concern about its ecological impact. As engine performance standards increase, raw materials and resources continue to stretch thin. Globalization continues to break down borders, creating new opportunities while increasing the field of competitors and manufacturers.Diesel-Common-Rail-Generic-Prototype-Design

In such a complex environment, successful manufacturers must quickly adapt to stay ahead. The competitive edge resides in the manufacturer’s ability to understand the customer and to take ownership of market drivers. With more than 100 years of experience in delivering innovative solutions, Senior Flexonics continues to demonstrate its ability to align resources and apply sound engineering to support common rail technologies in the automotive and diesel market.

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  • Automotive Diesel
  • Heavy Duty and Medium Duty Diesel
  • Marine Diesel

Publications/case studies featuring our Fuel Rails:

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