CAE with FEA, CFD, etc.

Analysis Led Design

Senior Flexonics offers complete Engineering solutions that are technically driven and design responsible. During the design phase of the project, we are able to provide virtual 3D modeling as well as rapid 3D prototyping. Our full service approach then continues with analysis led design that may include, depending upon the application, a variety of frequency, torque, torsion, pressure, heat/cold testing with full data logging. Senior Flexonics uses a variety of C.A.E. (Computer Aided Engineering) programs to determine how a program will perform such as F.E.A. (Final Element Analysis).

Finite Element Fatigue

The finite element method is used to solve complex elasticity and structural problems. Our approach to determining the fatigue life of a component starts by building a model and subjecting it to various testing conditions, simulating the environment where the component would be used i.e. the cycles, heat vs. cold, corrosion etc.

Prior to and during this testing, geometry, load histories and material data are collected so that the stress and strain placed on component can be assessed.

Post testing, this damage is analyzed and the result is given an FEA code which combines the stress or strain results from the FE models to estimate the x life or the eventual component failure.